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Thank you for visiting our website! We are located in Brighton Township, near Wellington, Ohio and are members of ADGA, ODGA and NEODGA. Please visit often for updates and new photos in the spring.


We have been raising registered purebred French Alpines, American Alpines, American Toggenburgs and American Saanens since 2007. We got off to a surprising and interesting start when we received our first goat, a Nubian wether, as a wedding gift! Since I was sure he needed a friend (or two...), within days we added twin French Alpine does to the farm. Luckily, my husband had some experience working on a large dairy goat farm while growing up in Grafton, and I am a big animal lover, so we adjusted to being ‘goat people’ rather well. A pair of bred Toggenburg does soon followed, and with plans for a new barn in the spring of 2008, we added two Saanen kids and two more Alpine kids to our small herd.


Since that time we’ve taken advantage of the many resources available, books upon books, our goat friends, yahoo goat groups, and dairygoatinfo.com, and have worked hard to keep a very healthy and happy herd. We are not able to attend many shows and time to take 'show photos' is at a minimum - we encourage you to visit and see our herd in person if you are interested in buying.    

In 2024, we will freshen the majority of our does in Feb.  Our herd is CAE negative, tested yearly each January. All kids will be raised on strict CAE prevention, bottle-fed heat treated colostrum and pasteurized milk. All kids will be disbudded, tattooed, vaccinated and supplemented with Bo-Se prior to sale.

We use our abundance of goat milk to raise poultry / laying hens and hogs for our family, as well as experiment with many types of cheeses and yogurts. When time allows, we produce goat's milk soaps, lotion bars and creams as well as lip balms with the beeswax from our certified apiary. 2018 brought scottish highland cattle to our menagerie to join the goats, horses, chickens and llama.

We are hoping to schedule a  linear appraisal session this year after taking a few years off.

Also, feel free to check out our farm blog, www.capralane.blogspot.com.

Please contact us for additional information, for kid reservations, visits and general questions at capralane@yahoo.com.  



Capra Lane Farm

Roger Nikiforow

Amanda Meszaros

Wellington, Ohio