LA 2017: (06-07) FS91 EEEV

LA 2013: (02-07) 87 VVVV

Capra Lane CS Charlotte AA1545520

American Alpine

dob 2.20.2011

D: Seau a Lait Cammile AA1440333

DD: Seau A Lait Caledonia AA1362428

DS: Seau A Lait WG Guiseppi *B AA1403821

S: Roeburn's Limerick Shamus *B A1412126 (LA FS91EEE)

SD: GCH Roeburn's DVK Sheba 7*M A1225139 (LA 92EEEE)

SS: Roeburn's Liason Limerick +*B A1225146 (LA 91 EEE)

Charlotte greatly resembles her dam in strength, width and length with improved blending and general appearance and more correct rear leg angulation. She outmilks everyone in the barn, giving 2 gallons a day at peak.

2020 Bred to : Sal